The silent suffering of fish- a video series


The silent suffering of fish- a video series

17 July 2020
The silent suffering of fish cannot be measured. They experience pain and suffering that we cannot relate to. And this might be the reason why so little has been done so far to improve the situation for fish.

The publication of the Farm to Fork Strategy initiates a shift to a new food paradigm, with empowered consumers and a more animal-friendly legislative framework at EU-level. We now need to make sure that the suffering of fish will not be overlooked in this new paradigm and new legislative framework. 

Eurogroup for Animals has created a 5-part video series demonstrating the cruel practices that are standard on most fish farms across Europe. These videos prove that more needs to be done at EU-level to take fish welfare seriously. 

Changes to existing legislation and new legislation focusing on fish health and welfare in aquaculture production will have a massive impact on millions of farmed fish. 

Help us help fish. Spread the word about the suffering of fish and the fact that we have a chance to change this now. 

For questions, please contact Doug Waley and Jana Villwock.


First part: Collecting eggs. 

A cruel practice that involves regular handling of fish out of water. The newly adopted guidelines by the Platform for animal welfare outlines best practices for protecting the welfare and health of fish during these times. It is now up to the European countries and the industry to apply these guidelines.  See our article on these new guidelines for more information. 

Step 1 Video

Second part: Transport. 

Either crowded in small containers, pumped or netted into containers and packed at high density, fish have to endure many stressful situations during transport.  See our response to the fitness check on the EU animal welfare legislation, including on transport, which calls for an expansion of the scope to include fish and to stop harmful practices.   

Step 2 video


Stay tuned! More videos will come soon.