Sign the NOVID-50 petition


Sign the NOVID-50 petition

14 April 2020
Part of the Global Hack initiative, Loomus launched a petition asking the United Nations to create an Exit Strategy from wildlife trade, wet markets with animals, and industrial animal farms - for a world free from pandemics caused by animal-borne diseases like COVID19.

NOVID-50 started with a voluntary team of 20 people hacking the COVID-19 crisis at the Global Hack - an online event where teams across the world come up with working solutions for the problem in 48 hours.

It tackles the root cause of pandemics caused by animal-borne diseases: intensive animal use which has created environments for viruses like COVID-19 (but also swine flu, bird flu, and others) to spread from animals to humans.

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Peter Singer shares the petition on Twitter

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