Seizing the Day for Fish Welfare – Roundtable event


Seizing the Day for Fish Welfare – Roundtable event

5 June 2018
Eurogroup for Animals
The Round Table “Seizing the Day for Fish Welfare” will take place on Wednesday 6th June from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., followed by lunch, in the room A1H1 of the European Parliament.

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Following the European Commission’s report to Council and Parliament on the welfare of farmed fish, this event is the opportunity to examine the priorities and opportunities for improving the welfare of fish in European aquaculture.

Fish are the most numerous animals used by people for food, while attention on their welfare has been lacking. The knowledge base has moved from consensus that fish suffer and experience pain, and into the specific needs and preferences of different species. Humane slaughter practices are used in only a few sectors of Europe’s aquaculture.

There will be presentations from policy makers, experts, civil society, and industry followed by an exchange of views and discussion. Brand new data from an opinion poll carried out across Europe will be shared for the first time. The Round Table and discussion will be moderated by Bárbara Mendes-Jorge of Sustainability Consult, and inputs from all around the table will be welcomed.

After discussion, vegan lunch will be available.

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Speakers List:

Albin Gräns – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Niall Gerlitz – European Commission, DG-SANTE

Katerina Marinou – Ministry of Rural Development and Food, Greece

Eoin Mac Aoidh – European Commission, DG-MARE

Reineke Hameleers – Eurogroup for Animals

Bernhard Feneis – Federation of European Aquaculture Producers

Melanie SiggsGlobal Aquaculture Alliance

The Round Table will be hosted by John Flack MEP, Anja Hazekamp MEP, Stefan Eck MEP, and Eurogroup for Animals represented by Reineke Hameleers.

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