RSPCA’s campaign to stop cheap chicken


RSPCA’s campaign to stop cheap chicken

22 April 2021
The RSPCA recently launched a campaign in the UK to persuade supermarkets to join the Better Chicken Commitment, the leading set of broiler welfare standards which is pushing the food industry to adopt better practices

The Better Chicken Commitment is a science-based approach which tackles issues such as fast-growth and high-yield breeding, accommodation, stocking density, and slaughter. 

It prompted major corporations to join in order to improve chicken protection in the UK and Europe. Over 200 food production companies across Europe have already signed it. 

However, some companies remain sceptical about the fact that intensively reared broiler chickens suffer from their rapid growth. Fast food restaurants such as Burger King, KFC, and Nando's are among those participating in the UK, but supermarkets are lagging behind, with only Marks & Spencer and Waitrose completely onboard.

The RSPCA commissioned a report comparing fast-growing chicken breeds to a slower-growing, higher-welfare breed. The findings are clear: the living conditions of fast-growing chickens fail to protect welfare to the point that many birds might be deemed unworthy of existence. 

Supermarket’s decisions now will determine the fate of millions of animals. We must persuade those businesses to join the Better Chicken Commitment and end the sufferings of chickens.