Referendum for animals launched today in France


Referendum for animals launched today in France

2 July 2020
Twenty five French animal welfare and animal rights associations, including our member organisations Fondation Brigitte Bardot, L214, Code Animal, C'est Assez!, WELFARM and CiWF France have launched a referendum asking for better legislation for animals in France.

In French legislation, animals are recognized by article 515-14 of the civil code as "living beings endowed with sensitivity". Similarly, article L. 214-1 of the rural and maritime fishing code states that they are “sentient beings”. 

Therefore, their owners are required to preserve their well-being. Article L. 214-3 of the same code lays down a general principle prohibiting the exercise of ill-treatment towards "domestic, wild animals tamed or kept in captivity".

Nevertheless, animal welfare legislation should evolve with the citizens expectations and increase the protection of animals.

The referendum has six main asks: 

  1. Ban of cages in farming

  2. Prohibition of fur farming

  3. End of intensive farming

  4. Prohibition of hunting with hounds, digging up and so-called traditional hunts

  5. Prohibition of shows with wild animals

  6. End of animal testing

In order for this referendum of citizens initiative (Référendum d'Initiative Partagée) to be effective, 185 members of the Parliament (Senators or Deputies) need to support it. After this step is successful, 4.700.000 signatures need to be collected on the website created by the Interior Ministry. 

Please visit the website of the initiative to show your support and to keep updated on next steps and actions.