‘The Puppy Factory’ in Italy


‘The Puppy Factory’ in Italy

9 December 2015
Eurogroup for Animals
Today sees the book launch of ‘The Puppy Factory’, an investigative exposé, which lifts the lid on the illegal puppy trade within Europe, and its impact within Italy specifically.

Written by Ilaria Innocenti, Head LAV’s Dogs and Cats work, and the renowned Italian journalist Macri Puricelli, the book looks at the organised criminal aspect of the trade, and also examines how the trade can be stopped.

Eurogroup for Animals was interviewed for the book, and will present during the launch on our #ProtectOurPets campaign, which aims at stopping the trade via the harmonisation of identification and registration systems and requirements for dogs and cats.

The book is being premiered from 15.30 to 17.30 in Rome at the Hall of SIOI – Italian Society for International Organization. Please find a press release in Italian, courtesy of LAV (see their campaign by clicking here).

More information: DOCUMENT 1 / DOCUMENT 2

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