Protect our fish!


Protect our fish!

7 August 2018
Prijatelji životinja
Animal Friends Croatia has - in collaboration with Eurogroup for Animals - launched a campaign to protect the fish in the Adriatic sea.

Aiming to educate Croatian citizens, civil society and tourists about detrimental consequences of excessive fishing, our Croatian member warns about life in the sea completely disappearing by 2048 if we don’t change our behavior towards the living sea creatures.

The campaign focuses on advocating against fishing without a licence. Hundreds of Croatian seaside towns, villages and municipalities were asked to set an informative sign on the beaches. The town of Dubrovnik and Vela Luka municipality already responded positively.

A direct appeal under the slogan: ‘
Shops are not slaughterhouses!’ was sent to Croatian retailers as a reminder that shops should not be places where "animals are tortured and killed”, said Animal Friends Croatia. This initiative aims to ban the sale of live fish and crabs, a decision that is now in the hands of shop owners.

The post 'Protect our fish!' is modified from an article published by Prijatelji životinja in their original language.