Positive lists for pets prove popular at London Vet Show


Positive lists for pets prove popular at London Vet Show

20 November 2017
Delegates of last week’s London Vet Show (16-17 Nov 2017 at the ExCel) had the opportunity to participate in a straw poll, which revealed overwhelming support for greater restrictions on the exotic pet trade. Voters were asked if they would support ‘positive’ or approved lists of species in the UK.

The results of the poll were 512 in favour and 1 against!

Positive lists are evidence-based regulations that permit the sale and keeping of only those species that are suitable to keep in the home, and that do not pose a disproportionate risk to people or the environment. All other species are prohibited from keeping or may only be kept with a special permit (by those who can demonstrate that they have specialist facilities or expertise).

The Animal Protection Agency (APA), who oversaw the poll, was delighted at the enthusiastic response from the veterinary community. Says APA Director, Elaine Toland: “We are grateful to all those delegates who took part in the poll and offered their valuable insight. Throughout the two days, exotic animal vets and nurses in particular aired their frustrations about the poor state of animals that frequently present at their clinics, where even the most basic husbandry standards are not met. Some described the positive list proposition as a “no brainer”.

The Animal Protection Agency is working as part of Eurogroup for Animals alongside AAP Animal Advocacy and Protection in the Netherlands and OneKind in Scotland to develop and galvanise support for positive lists as a means of reducing the large-scale animal suffering that is currently part and parcel of the exotic pet industry.

In order to raise awareness and encourage discussion within the veterinary profession about positive lists, APA is organising a seminar for vets and vet nurses: ‘Positively shaping the future of pet-keeping’, to take place in London during 2018 (date and venue to be confirmed). To register interest in the seminar or to simply join the mailing list for more information and updates, emails should be sent to info@apa.org.uk with PostiveList4Pets in the subject bar.

The seminar will count as 5 CPD hours and certificates of attendance will be issued.

For further information please contact Elaine Toland on 01273 674253

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