Polish Border Control asks for pensions for retired service dogs


Polish Border Control asks for pensions for retired service dogs

17 April 2019
Dziennik Gazeta Prawna informed about the efforts of trade unionists from the Border Guard.

Most dogs leaving service go to the homes of their guardians who do not want their pupils to spend their last years in a shelter. Robert Lis, who heads the trade unions, pointed out that customs officers or military personnel receive funding to keep dogs with whom they have previously worked. - We do not want "our" dogs to be given to the shelter, to live there old age - said Lis indicating that charging the guards with the duty to care for dogs without financial support is unfair.

"We don't fight much"

Trade unions received a negative response, and the need to amend the law proved to be the main obstacle. These are not their first efforts in the field of animal care. - A few years ago, we applied for employees taking home dogs leaving their service to be able to take their equipment in the form of a pen, bowl or collar. This was not allowed to be done, and these things were to be disposed of, "Lis explained. At that time it was possible to change, but in the case of a "dog's pension", the Chief of Border Guard refused to reply, stating that "there is no chance for it at the moment".

- We don't fight much. There are about 50 such dogs with us and maybe a little more in the police. We do not want a full refund, and some funding of PLN 100-150 a month, plus a refund in the case of treatment. On an annual basis, the formation would spend no more than 100,000 on all "canine retirees" PLN - emphasized Lis. He explained that Border Guard employees do not earn much, and the additional expenditure on the dog can be a burden for them.