Poland finds COVID-19 cases among mink farm workers


Poland finds COVID-19 cases among mink farm workers

23 November 2020
Poland has found 18 cases of coronavirus among mink farm workers as it continues tests among the animals.

Poland, which is a major producer of mink fur, started coronavirus tests among its farmed minks and checks among the workers earlier this month after a mutated virus was detected in farmed minks in Denmark. While the authorities have not yet received results of the animal tests, it said that 18 cases of COVID-19 infections were confirmed among people connected with the farms.

Veterinary authorities said earlier this month they had ordered tests in 18 farms in four administrative regions of the country. Industry groups objected strongly to the tests, worrying they could lead to a nationwide cull.

Poland is one of the world’s top producers of mink fur, with 354 farms, containing around 6 million minks.