Pigs forced to live among putrefying pen mates


Pigs forced to live among putrefying pen mates

21 March 2017
Animal activist group L214 has revealed today, through the newspaper Le Monde, new terrible images of the way pigs are being bred on a farm in Finistère near Quimper, France.

The images show pigs raised on concrete floors without any access to a natural environment outdoors. They are born of mothers enclosed in cages scarcely larger than their bodies, then crammed into pens for fattening. In such maternity wards, sows see their cubs die before their eyes, helpless in their cages.

In addition to being subjected to what are routine industrial agricultural practices, these pigs are suffering from the utmost neglect. They are forced to live among the bodies of their putrefying pen mates, often left so long only their bones remain. The pigs left living in this intensive breeding environment survive in a severely repugnant setting. It would appear that the care of livestock is clearly not being monitored or controlled by veterinary services of Finistère.

It is clear that the farmers are barely taking care of the animals, neither the ones living who scavenge to find decent food, nor the ones that perish.

Hélène Gateau, veterinary doctor and animal columnist on France Télévision, was also shown the images described above and has been alarmed by this situation. She asked: “What are the authorities and the veterinary services doing? How can such conditions even occur? Given the condition of the buildings and animals, the situation is not recent. How can we leave animals, living beings, to the charge of a visibly outdated breeder?”

Wanting similar answers and an end to these intolerable conditions for animals, L214 has asked the authorities to close this unhealthy farm immediately.

To convince the Prefect of Finistere to have this breeding closed as quickly as possible the public is being called on to sign a petition for mobilizing this action

Sign the petition now!

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