Petition: "Keep them wild - keep us safe!"


Petition: "Keep them wild - keep us safe!"

15 June 2020
Help World Animal Protection end the wildlife trade and protect the animals, the planet and our own health by supporting the campaign.

Tigers, bears, snakes, pangolins, dolphins, lions and elephants: these are just a few of the animal species that currently suffer from the cruel animal trade. Animals are traded worldwide as if they were products. 

Every day, thousands of wild animals are poached or bred and sold to be eaten, processed into medicine, sold as pets or for a life in the entertainment industry. 

The conditions animals face are terrible while the trade poses a huge risk to human health. As the world struggles with the COVID-19 outbreak, World Animal Protection can no longer ignore the dangers of our wildlife interactions. In November 2020, the G20 leaders (group of 20 finance ministers and chairmen of central banks) meet to discuss future economic stability. As they will focus on a coordinated approach to the COVID-19 pandemic, World Animal Protection calls for a plan to end the global exotic pet trade which is the only way to prevent future pandemics. 

Sign the petition and raise awareness about the fact that wild animal should not be treated as pets or as entertainment objects, nor should they be consumed.

These animals are, whether they came from the wild or have been bred intensively, kept under unsanitary conditions which causes stress, injuries and makes diseases transmission way too easy. When humans come into contact with these animals we all run a risk of diseases outbreak.

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