"Paw on the heart": Social media contest dedicated to disabled dogs


"Paw on the heart": Social media contest dedicated to disabled dogs

9 April 2019
By sending photos and stories of your dog with motor disabilities, you can participate in the initiative that will reward a great love choice with baby food and special beds.

Rosati: a way to give visibility to these unique and wonderful stories, and to sensitize people to adopt a disabled animal.

Anyone living with a disabled dog is well aware of how much these special friends of ours have an edge. Often, in fact, they manage to compensate their physical problems with a strength of mind and a lightness of which we humans are most often not capable. For this reason LNDC has partnered with Petterfood to tell their stories and demonstrate all their vitality.

Petterfood is a young company that aims to create a quality product in the pet food sector. “We only use fresh products, avoiding raw materials from intensive production, with diets formulated by the nutritionist veterinarian. We are proud to participate in this project with LNDC because we believe in an ethical approach to our work and we are happy to give support to those who have chosen to adopt a less fortunate dog ", says Raffaello Gentili co-founder of Petterfood.

LNDC then launches "A paw on the heart", an initiative dedicated to those who have adopted a dog with motor disabilities from an Italian kennel in 2018 or 2019: to participate just send the photo and the story of your friend to redazioneweb@legadelcane.org within on April 28, 2019. The photos and stories will then be published in a special album on the LNDC Facebook page to be voted on in the week from 1 to 8 May. The first 3 photos / stories with the most likes will receive Petter food and other gifts.