Our ‘Stop Pandemics – Start here’ campaign


Our ‘Stop Pandemics – Start here’ campaign

9 June 2020
Eurogroup for Animals
Want to help Stop Pandemics and make Europe a safer and better place for animals and humans?

As of 11th June, our 70 Member Organisations in 25 EU Member States will be calling on their MEPs to integrate our recommendations for the EU Green Deal’s Farm-to-Fork and Biodiversity to 2030 strategies. Released on 20th May, both strategies contain positive points that suggest the European Commission is ready to take action for animals – but will they deliver the concrete changes the EU needs to move away from intensive farming and the exploitation of wild animals and their habitats? 

During the preparation of the strategies, the COVID-19 pandemic offered a timely reminder that devastating results can come from the way we trade, farm and keep animals. Wild and domestic animals have carried viruses and bacteria for millennia, but what has changed is the way we humans interact with them. The legal and illegal wildlife trade, urbanisation and the destruction of wildlife’s natural habitats for agricultural purposes, especially for the intensification of animal farming, are combining to push humans, wildlife and other animals closer than ever before – and heightening the risk of pandemics like the one we’re suffering now.

The European Parliament will now respond to the Farm-to-Fork and Biodiversity to 2030 strategies with two Own Initiative Reports – and this is our opportunity to further influence the implementation of the two strategies into concrete actions. With this new phase of our ‘Stop Pandemics – Start here’ campaign, we want to make sure citizens’ voices are heard at this crucial moment for animals. 

If you want to know more about how you can join us, please visit our social media channels or contact our campaign officer, Elise Fleury (e.fleury@eurogroupforanimals.org).