Our Annual Report 2020 is now available!

Our Annual Report 2020 is now available!

8 June 2021
This past year has been extraordinary, both for its challenges and its profusion of opportunities to advance our work for animal welfare in Europe and beyond. In a world gripped by the Covid pandemic, we have all had to find new ways of working and innovative approaches to make our voice heard for animals.
Dive into our 2020 Annual Report and find out more about the highlights of the year and main breakthroughs for animals. 

2020 saw many breakthroughs for animals:

  • Following our “Stop Pandemics Start here” campaign the European Commission published its Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies including a commitment to review the animal welfare legislation among many other positive future actions for animals. 

  • 2020 was also the year in which we saw the European Citizen Initiative “End the Cage Age” delivering a record of 1.4 million signatures calling for an end of cages in farm systems. Backed up by science and corporate support, the European Commission will have the ultimate chance to meet the demands of citizens through the revision of the legislation. 

  • COVID-19 also caused an earthquake in fur farming. Mink farms have become hotbeds of the virus and half of the mink production in the EU has been suspended. 

  • The year ended with the landmark ruling of the European Court of Justice allowing Member States to oblige reversible stunning methods in the context of religious slaughter. We worked so hard to inform the involved stakeholders that a more humane killing of animals and religious practices can go hand in hand. 
We can’t take anything for granted until we have seen actual results. 2021 will be a very important year to make sure the institutions will live up to their promises to significantly improve the well-being of all animals.
Reineke Hameleers, CEO of Eurogroup for Animals
Dive into our 2020 Annual Report and find out more about the highlights of the year and main breakthroughs for animals.