No Animal Left Behind: help us stop octopus farming this World Oceans Day!


No Animal Left Behind: help us stop octopus farming this World Oceans Day!

8 June 2023

The world’s first factory farm for octopuses is set to be built in Gran Canaria, Spain - unless the European Commission does something about it. This World Oceans Day, help us make some noise for these innocent creatures so octopus farming is banned at EU level before it ever has the chance to start. You’d be joining some incredible supporters for the movement - including legendary animal liberation activist, Peter Singer.

World Oceans Day was created to promote humans living in harmony with our oceans, and engaging with them in a more sustainable and respectful way. 

If the world’s first factory farm for octopuses is allowed to go ahead, it would be a travesty for these innocent creatures and a huge step in the wrong direction towards more sustainable and nature-friendly food and farming systems. That’s why we’re using World Oceans Day to drum up support for a ban on octopus farming entirely - calling on the European Commission to block Nueva Pescanova’s plans for an octopus factory farm so it never sees the light of day. Learn more.


Several influential figures and our amazing member organisations have already shown their support to stop octopus farming - will you join them?

It was amazing to see such a wave of interest to stop octopus farming at our Annual Conference yesterday.

Dozens of our member organisations showed up at our stand, which included materials from AnimaNaturalis and ALI, to speak up for octopuses, including CIWF, Animalia, and Djurens Rätt. 

Some key figures in politics and the animal welfare movement also expressed enthusiasm for the campaign. Writer, researcher and broadcaster Melanie Challenger backed our message, as did MEP Tilly Metz, who even mentioned banning octopus farming as one of her key priorities for the animal welfare legislation during a panel debate at the conference. This would be an incredible step for octopuses, as the evidence clearly shows being farmed would be catastrophic for their welfare.

Legendary figure in the animal liberation movement, Peter Singer, was eager to see a ban on octopus farming, too. It was very special to have such a key figure in our movement show his support.


As our report with Compassion in World Farming reveals, octopus farming cannot be allowed to go ahead

There are a number of big problems with Nueva Pescanova’s plans for the world’s first octopus factory farm. We published a report with Compassion in World Farming in March this year to share our key concerns, which include cruel slaughter practices, overcrowding, unsustainable feed, extreme energy usage and a lack of consideration for the true natures of these fascinating beings in the proposal.


Download the report here.

Over to you - help us make some noise for octopuses this World Oceans Day!

Tweet your support to put an end to octopus farming, and share our petition with AnimaNaturalis! It’s time to show the European Commission that an octopus factory farm is not what Europe’s citizens want. Will you lend us your voice?

This year, we’re campaigning for all animals to be considered in the European Commission’s ongoing revision to the animal welfare legislation. Find out more.