Newrest to stop supplying eggs from caged hens


Newrest to stop supplying eggs from caged hens

20 October 2017
The catering giant Newrest, specialised in rail and air catering, has just pledged worldwide no longer to stock eggs of hens raised in cages. This transition will be completed globally by 2025.

Present in 50 countries, Newrest, serves one million meals a day around the world. With this commitment it and became the first air caterer to engage in a global supply of caged eggs. The company, which recorded in 2016 a turnover of 1.69 billion euros, provides the SNCF, Thalys, Eurostar, Corsair, Delta Airline, American Airlines and Ryanair.

Johanne Mielcarek, L214 spokeswoman says:

With the commitment of Newrest, a new sector, that of air and rail catering, is committed to the abandonment of battery breeding. There is no longer any doubt caged farming will soon be a thing of the past

In France, 68% of chickens are still raised in battery cages, a figure expected to decrease considerably in the coming years, due to changes in purchasing behaviour and commitments of many companies.

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