New telehealth platform expands access to leading pet behavior expertise


New telehealth platform expands access to leading pet behavior expertise

12 May 2020
Designed for veterinarians and pet owners alike, the new web-based telehealth application is expanding access to science-based insights from certified behavior experts.

With less than 100 veterinary behavior experts practicing in the United States, having direct access to reliable, scientifically-sound advice on managing unsavory pet behavior can prove challenging. But thanks to a newly launched, web-based application from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine (Penn Vet), Intellivets, and Connect for Education (C4E), pet owners and primary care veterinarians alike can now enjoy expert insight from the comfort of their home or clinic.

The digital platform, created by Intellivets, connects users directly with Penn Vet’s behavior clinical team led by Dr. Carlo Siracusa, a board-certified veterinary behaviorist, enabling them to collaborate on a variety of behavior issues ranging from aggression to destructive or self-injurious activity.

While not intended to replace full, in-person behavior consultations, the application provides an accessible, affordable solution for pets with immediate concerns.

Delivering high-tech features through a user-friendly interface, the application provides custom portals designed specifically to meet the unique needs of animal owners and general practice veterinarians.

Pet owners can initiate consultations with Penn Vet’s behavior experts through their primary veterinarian. Once the owner’s veterinarian has requested a consult through the app and uploaded important medical records, owners are given access to the application’s portal where they can upload additional information and videos of their animals’ behavior for the specialty consultation. From there, the Penn Vet experts can view and assess the behavior using the same rigorous scientific approach that they would apply in an in-person appointment. The app’s unique, real-time video commentary feature allows Penn Vet’s experts to provide specific, time-stamped feedback to help owners understand and correct troublesome behavior.