New research shows the impact of replacing animal products


New research shows the impact of replacing animal products

21 September 2020
How many lives and days of suffering go into U.S. consumption of animal products every day?

When entrepreneurs and manufacturers create new plant-based products, what should they prioritize? When individuals want to incrementally reduce their consumption of animal products, what should they cut out first? The information you’ll find here is designed to answer those questions. 

In this analysis, every life and every day of suffering is treated equally, regardless of species and regardless of whether the animal is directly consumed, fed to another farmed animal, dies before they can produce milk or eggs, or are slaughtered because they are considered “useless” by the industry. Within this framework, we can measure which food products contribute to the most animal lives taken and days of suffering endured. 

The infographics below list products like scrambled eggs, pork ribs, or fish filets. They rank each animal product by its impact on animals in terms of U.S. daily consumption.

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