New report urges UK government to restrict the use of fireworks


New report urges UK government to restrict the use of fireworks

5 November 2019
We welcome the Petitions Committee's report released today following its inquiry into the impact of fireworks on humans and animals.

The report concludes that the existing law is inadequate and recommends that local authorities should be empowered to limit the number of displays in their areas through a system of permits. It also recommends that the incoming Government reviews noise levels of fireworks as well as fund an awareness campaign about the responsible use of fireworks.

More can be done for animals

We welcome this report but believe it could go further. We would like to see the public sale and use of fireworks limited to being closer to four specific celebration and festival dates (November 5, December 31, Chinese New Year and Diwali).

We also recommend noise restrictions on the maximum level of decibels fireworks available to the public can reach and that public fireworks displays should be licensed and advertised in advance.

Our figures show hundreds of calls from concerned animal lovers each year. Calls showing concern from animals including alpacas and even an African grey parrot - as well as dogs and horses.