New method-of-production label proposed in Italy


New method-of-production label proposed in Italy

8 June 2020
Last week CIWF Italia and Legambiente, Italian environmentalist organisation, presented a proposal for a univocal and voluntary national animal welfare labeling. The new label is being proposed due to misleading information on the existing labels as well as the fact that there are currently multiple and different labels causing confusion among consumers.

The new nation-wide voluntary labeling system for products of animal origin will be covering four basic principles; breeding method, indication of cages usage in production, introduction of (at least) 3 levels for each species, clear and understandable language. 

The initiative was born from the need to provide correct and clear information to conscious consumers and to support Italian breeders who respect high animal welfare standards while offering other breeders clear factors for improvement. They are currently deprived of the possibility to recognized as such by the consumers.

For now CIWF Italy and Legambiente have developed and proposed a series of criteria for labeling according to the pig breeding method. 

Different breeding methods correspond to different animal welfare potentials depending on how much the animals are guaranteed the opportunity to express their natural behaviors.

The post 'New method-of-production label proposed in Italy' is modified from an article published by Compassion in World Farming in their original language.