New investigation reveals the suffering of Maître Coq broiler chickens


New investigation reveals the suffering of Maître Coq broiler chickens

13 June 2018
A new investigation by L214 reveals the living conditions of more than 30,000 chickens in a Maître Coq (brand of Groupe Arrivé/LDC) factory farm, that also serves as a training facility for the students of BTSA “productions animals”.

Shot in late April and early May 2018 in the French department Vendée, the video shows the brutal reality of chickens crammed 21 per square meter and without access to the outdoors. Genetically selected to grow quickly, these animals move with difficulty: some are so lame that they can no longer reach food and water. Others suffer from major injuries and have trouble breathing. Chickens are dying next to putrefying corpses. Contrary to what is affirmed by the brand, all animals systematically and preventively receive antibiotics directly included in their diet.

Despite these deplorable breeding conditions, Maître Coq ensures on his website that “the animal and its well-being are at the heart of their practices”. L214 lodges a complaint today with the Jury specialised in deontological-advertising matters for misleading advertising on animal welfare and the use of antibiotics.

According to Brigitte Gothière, Director of L214: “Thanks to this investigation, we are putting a spotlight on this system of intensive production: not only the living conditions of the chickens are unacceptable, but in addition the brand mislead us advertising animal welfare practices and the use of antibiotics that does not correspond to reality at all. It is absurd that such a facility is hosting groups of young people for training and that we value this “model” for future generations!”

With 83% of birds kept in intensive farming, and nearly 800 million chickens killed each year, poultry is a sad symbol of the suffering caused by an ultra-dominant production system in France.

However, 91% of French citizens say they are against the intensive breeding of these birds, 91% also consider that the systematic use of antibiotics in chicken intensive farming is a major problem, and 66% of them are ready to replace a part of their consumption of chicken meat with plant-based  alternatives (IFOP survey – June 2018). Therefore, L214 launches its new campaign entitled «800 millions – Poulets d’origine exploitée» to roll back the intensive breeding of these animals. The campaign will be launched in more than thirty cities in France on Saturday June 16th.

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