New investigation in a cage rabbit farm in Morbihan


New investigation in a cage rabbit farm in Morbihan

29 September 2020
Today L214 presents new investigative images filmed at the end of August 2020 in a cage farm of more than 40,000 rabbits, located in Augan in the Morbihan.

Tomorrow, Thursday October 1, a bill from the Écologie Démocratie Solidarité (EDS) group aimed in particular at prohibiting cage farming will be discussed in the Economic Affairs Committee and voted on in the National Assembly on October 8. This survey concretely illustrates the situation of animals in intensive farming. MEPs will have to say whether or not they support this type of breeding.

The investigation shows terrible images of a large intensive rabbit farm located in the town of Augan, in Morbihan. More than 40,000 rabbits are locked there in small cages on a wire mesh floor. The breeding of nearly 3,000 breeding rabbits (6x more than the French average) who are artificially inseminated every one and a half months. 3 days before insemination, to optimize them, the rabbits are injected with the hormone PMSG, a hormone obtained from the placenta of pregnant mares. Each gives birth to about 9 young rabbits. More than 20,000 rabbits are thus engraved in each cycle.

According to fatality tracking documents, nearly 300 rabbits die at this farm every week.

The covered images of crowded and sick rabbits. Many pharmaceutical products are used routinely. Of all farm animals, rabbits are the animals most exposed to antibiotics.

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