New investigation and report: “Fish welfare on Scotland’s salmon farms”


New investigation and report: “Fish welfare on Scotland’s salmon farms”

10 August 2018
The report looks at the life cycle, sentience and individuality in salmon before exploring in detail the many welfare issues faced by farmed salmon.

With support from Eurogroup for Animals, One Kind has published a report examining the welfare issues in Scotland’s salmon farming sector. On top of the disease and parasite problems affecting large portions of farmed salmon, the harmful and sometimes deadly treatments commonly employed are investigated. The housing systems and their implications for the behaviour and health of the fish are examined.

Also published is an analysis and league table of the welfare status of every salmon farm in Scotland. The worst offenders are exposed, while the many farms that score well demonstrate that better welfare standards are achievable.

Investigative journalist group The Ferret drew from One Kind’s investigation to publish a series of articles and produced a documentary podcast on fish sentience and welfare issues in salmon farming.

While the Scottish Government is proposing that the salmon farming sector should double in size, One Kind is calling for a moratorium on expansion of the sector while it demonstrates its inability to manage serious welfare problems.

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