New documentary SLAY exposes the cruel use of animals in fashion


New documentary SLAY exposes the cruel use of animals in fashion

8 September 2022
Premiering today, the new documentary SLAY follows filmmaker Rebecca Cappelli as she exposes the fur, wool and leather fashion industry for its greenwashing and cruel treatment of animals. Produced by Keegan Kuhn (known for his work on What the Health and Cowspiracy), the film asks an important question: is it ever acceptable to kill animals for fashion?

From Europe to China, SLAY spans 5 continents as it uncovers the unethical practices of the fashion industry on a global scale, emphasising the horrific ways the animals are kept and killed, all in the name of fashion and profit. The documentary features interviews with animal welfare and sustainability experts, as well as representatives from the fur industry itself. 

Cappelli spent the last 3 years investigating animal skins in fashion, examining the devastating impact on people, the environment and animals.

If someone would have told me even half of what I discovered doing this film, I wouldn’t have believed it.
Rebecca Cappelli

The fur industry 

The documentary is bold in debunking the argument that fur is a sustainable product, and also stresses workers rights, but the real emphasis is keeping the cruel treatment of animals in focus.  SLAY shares behind the scenes footage of the animals kept in confined spaces, unable to stand or move around. The film depicts the abhorrent ways that the animals are killed, with the priority given to the protection of the quality of fur, rather than the welfare of the animal.

The documentary also shines a light on the scale of mis-labelled fur products on the market, including within the EU. Although often seen as a luxury item, fur has often been uncovered on the high street on low cost garments and accessories. Consumers are often unaware that they are purchasing fur products when they buy items such as bobble hats and fur trimmed hooded coats. Due to the mis-labelling of fur, many consumers are not given a choice and are unwittingly supporting the fur industry.

The fashion industry has been keeping animals out of people’s minds for too long, together we can change that.
Rebecca Cappelli

SLAY breaks outside of echo chambers and aims to make a real difference for the animals, for the planet, and the people who live at the mercy of the fashion industry.

From 8th September, the film will be available to watch on WaterBear Network. The free streaming platform is dedicated to sustainability, activism, and conservation. 

Eurogroup for Animals is calling for a ban on fur farming and farmed products across the EU market.  Do you support this ban? Add your name to the European Citizens’ Initiative Fur Free Europe.