New campaign targets LIDL

New campaign targets LIDL

27 July 2020
Unlike many French retailers such as Intermarché, Monoprix, Carrefour, Système U or even Auchan; Lidl has still not made a clear commitment to meeting the minimum criteria set out in the European Chicken Commitment (ECC) in order to improve the welfare of broiler chickens.

On Friday, July 17, LIDL presents a commitment in favor of broilers. This publication does not meet the minimum measures expected by a majority of citizens and that L214 has been discussing with Lidl for over a year.

L214 is therefore taking all the necessary steps to encourage Lidl to move away from the policy of minimum commitment and expressly respond to ethical and societal concerns.

In 25 cities in France, actions are now taking place near Lidl stores to inform passers-by and customers of Lidl's breeding policy, in particular with the help of 'a leaflet parodying the official brand's promotional materials. 

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