New animal welfare crisis at sea?


New animal welfare crisis at sea?

25 March 2021
Animals International
The Suez canal is still blocked after three days, concerns on livestock vessels waiting closeby.

Concerns over the fate of animals transported via the Suez canal, after the Ever Given - one of the largest container ships in the world - ran aground. The cargo vessel has not been removed yet, and it is blocking the canal causing the world's largest maritime traffic jam north and south of the Suez Canal.

Eurogroup for Animals and its members are concerned over the impact this accident is likely to have on live trade. Indeed, it seems that at least 6 livestock vessels are currently blocked in the canal

Our member Animals International is closely monitoring the movement of the vessels Jersey, Unimar Livestock, Omega Star, Harmony Livestock, Dragon, Lady Maria, Sea Star Livestock, and Gemma star. All of them left from Midia (RO) and Cartagena (ES).

However, the lack of information on the cargos’ positions and final destinations makes it difficult to estimate the number of animals currently at risk.

The situation at the Suez canal

On the same day the nightmare of 1,600 bovines stuck at sea for over three months ended, the cattle are currently being euthanised in Cartagena, another welfare crisis at sea is likely to start. 

Eurogroup for Animals urges EU Member States not to approve any live transport towards the canal of Suez at least until the Ever Given is removed, and it calls on the EU Institutions to put an end to live export.