Mexico recognizes that animals are sentient beings

Mexico recognizes that animals are sentient beings

12 November 2019
In order to give animals the status of sentient beings, the 60th Legislature of Mexico unanimously approved the opinion with the addition of various paragraphs to article 18 of the State Political Constitution.

At the proposal of the deputy José Couttolenc Buentello and the deputy María Luisa Mendoza Mondragón, coordinator and member of the Parliamentary Group of the PVEM.

He considers animals as sentient beings and that advocates their well-being and protection, also points out that several entities, including Michoacán, Baja California, Jalisco and Mexico City have legislation in the same sense.

It was up to the deputy María Luisa Mendoza to present the opinion, which establishes that animals are sentient beings and, in addition to being recognized as living subjects, capable of experiencing physical pain and emotions similar to those of human beings, points out that respect for them affects social coexistence.

Issued by the Governance and Constitutional Points and Environmental Protection and Climate Change commissions, the opinion establishes that the protection of animals constitutes a backbone of social and human development of a community that seeks sustainability and environmental justice, and for governments of the country and the world a topic of great relevance must be the respect and protection of animals.