Making animals count in the Spanish elections

Making animals count in the Spanish elections

19 July 2023

AnimaNaturalis, together with Equalia, FAADA and over 50 other Spanish animal protection organisations have launched a campaign to influence Spain’s political agenda and encourage citizens to vote in the national elections this Sunday 23rd July.

Following disappointing results for the leading Spanish Socialist party (PSOE) in the May local elections, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez called snap elections for the end of July. The Popular Party (PP) under Alberto Núñez Feijóo have their eye on victory, but neither the PP nor PSOE are projected to win enough votes to govern on their own - with the conservatives likely needing the support of far-right party Vox, and the Socialists looking to left-wing group Sumar. 

Under AnimaNaturalis’ initiative, the new coalition of animal protection organisations in Spain have been working together to ensure that the main political parties include animal welfare commitments, such as explicit support for the end of cages in European livestock farming based on the "End the Cage Age" initiative.

The coalition prepared a decalogue of 17 asks for animals in the next term. A website launched earlier this month, AgendAnimal, includes a ranking of political parties according to their commitments to these asks.  

The ranking shows support for many of the asks by parties Sumar, PACMA, Junts and ERC. Closing fur farms received the most consensus (6 parties), and 5 parties commit to move towards the end of cetacean captivity.

The union of animal organisations is key to achieving our objectives and defending the rights and welfare of animals effectively. Together we are stronger in our fight for a world where all living creatures are treated with compassion and respect. We have always been clear about it, but at such a decisive moment for Spain as the one we are currently experiencing, we could not act otherwise.
Cristina Ibáñez García, Lawyer and Coordinator AnimaNaturalis International

See below the decalogue of asks for animals: 

  1. Repeal Law 18/2013 for the regulation of bullfighting as cultural heritage
  2. Develop the regulations of Law 7/2023 on the protection of animal rights and welfare
  3. Include companion animals expressly excluded from Law 7/2023 
  4. Reduce veterinary VAT for pets from the general rate of 21% of the reduced rate of 10%
  5. Develop a clear labelling system for meat products and derivatives
  6. Support the transition to a cage-free system 
  7. Prohibit the slaughter of day-old chicks
  8. Ban force-feeding ducks and geese to produce foie gras
  9. Promote good aquaculture practices that prioritise animal welfare and sustainability 
  10. Close fur farms
  11. Apply and promote the protection of fauna in wind farms and power lines
  12. Prohibit pigeon shooting
  13. Promote R&D of alternative methods to animal experimentation
  14. New regulations on zoos 
  15. Moving towards the end of cetacean captivity
  16. Build a state rescue centre for seizures of CITES species
  17. Guarantee the continuity of the General Directorate for Animal Rights