Major steps have been taken to improve animal welfare in France


Major steps have been taken to improve animal welfare in France

21 October 2021
A joint commission (composed of deputies and senators) reached an agreement this Thursday, October 21st, on the bill which aims to strengthen the fight against animal abuse, opening the way to its rapid adoption.

This historical agreement will put an end to the commercial exploitation of wild species by prohibiting their acquisition and reproduction within two years and their presence in travelling circuses within seven years. The keeping of cetaceans in dolphinariums will be prohibited within five years.

An immediate ban on the breeding of mink and other species exclusively for fur production has been adopted.

Furthermore, the proposed law should help to avoid impulse purchases of pets, which lead to too many neglects, and intends to tighten the penalties for mistreatment. The sale of cats and dogs in pet shops will be banned from January 1st 2024 with an immediate ban on displaying animals in the window. On the other hand, a possibility is given to present animals for adoption.

In order to fight against online animal trafficking, individuals will no longer have the right to sell animals online.

The text must now be voted on November 15th by the National Assembly and the Senate without modification.

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