LUSH Finland to support the #GREYPRIDE campaign


LUSH Finland to support the #GREYPRIDE campaign

6 November 2017
LUSH Finland has just announced their support to wolf conservation and The Wolf Action Group’s #GREYPRIDE campaign by donating all their sales from the Charity Pot body lotion sales in Finland during November and December.

The European awareness campaign #GREYPRIDE of The Wolf Action Group strives to promote the peaceful coexistence between wolves and humans. Even though Finland promotes itself as a destination for lovers of the great outdoors, wolves are ruthlessly being hunted down and poaching is still a commonplace occurrence.

Finland and Europe should celebrate the presence of these remarkable and beautiful wild animals and encourage responsible ecotourism in the areas where they live. Doing so will benefit not only the wildlife but also the local economy in countryside areas where unemployment rates are high.

The post 'LUSH Finland to support the #GREYPRIDE campaign' is modified from an article published by The Wolf Action Group (Susiryhmä) in their original language.