Lobbying Best Western to drop cages for hens


Lobbying Best Western to drop cages for hens

8 May 2019
Djurens Rätt
Today, Animal Rights, together with the coalition Open Wing Alliance, has launched a global campaign against the hotel chain Best Western International.

The purpose is to get the company, as well as the Hilton Worldwide hotel chain, to stop using cage eggs. Together, the two chains have nearly 10,000 hotels around the world.

Best Western, with over 4,000 hotels worldwide including approx. 100 in Sweden, has so far only removed the cage eggs in France. Hilton Worldwide, with its around 5,200 hotels, has said no to eggs from chickens in cages in 19 countries, but unfortunately only managed to fulfill its promises in a few of these.

"As a world leader in the hotel industry, these two chains have a great responsibility for the animals and for a global animal protection to be established in their entire sector," says Linn Bleckert, campaign coordinator at Dierenens Rätt.

Make a difference - sign the petition to get Best Western to demolish the cage