Live transport: further update on the Karim Allah


Live transport: further update on the Karim Allah

26 February 2021
Can you imagine being stuck on a boat for two months with no possibility to walk?

That’s the current situation for several bovines who left Spain in December

Last  weekend, the vessel arrived in Cartagena (Spain) where it remained anchored until yesterday. Its manager told The Guardian that a private company was running blood tests on the animals: if found to be healthy, they would be shipped again to third countries. 

Despite the fact that we don’t have any news on the animals' status, we know that the vessel is now docked at port

Along with our members, we have been calling for Spanish authorities to intervene and urge the animals unloading. They’ve suffered enough and deserve to leave the ship. 

We also call on the European Commission to launch a thorough investigation on this livestock consignment.