Large eggs push small hens to the breaking point


Large eggs push small hens to the breaking point

22 September 2021
Animal Protection Denmark

New research from the University of Copenhagen shows that 85 percent of laying hens in Danish production have fractures of the sternum due to the intensive breeding of smaller hens which lay many large eggs. Animal Protection Denmark is taking action.

Laying hens have reached their limit, and it is unacceptable to have a production that causes such extensive and serious damage to animals. This is the main message from Animal Protection Denmark and the National Organic Association, who have joined forces to invite the industry to find common ground on a solution. The meeting will be held on 1 November, and the entire industry has been invited together with Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Rasmus Prehn to participate in the presentations and debates, as well as suggestions for future solutions.

We are, of course, appalled by the study's documentation of how widespread fractures of the sternum in laying hens are. It is completely and utterly unacceptable that this is the rule rather than the exception for hens in all branches of egg production. We are furthermore painfully aware that this also applies to the hens that we normally recommend, namely organic eggs and eggs under our brand "Recommended by Animal Protection". That is why we have immediately taken up our producers, who are even taking it very seriously and in fact are already now initiating measures that can hopefully remedy the problems in the short term, while we work on the sustainable solutions in the slightly longer term.
Britta Riis, Director of Animal Protection Denmark, Britta Riis.