L214: Investigation in a French rabbit farm shows it’s time to #EndTheCageAge


L214: Investigation in a French rabbit farm shows it’s time to #EndTheCageAge

27 August 2019
New investigation by our French member L214 reveals the horrible conditions rabbits bred for their meat have to endure in a farm located in the town of Nueil-les-Aubiers (Deux-Sèvres) in central-west France.

Cramped spaces, wounds and antibiotics are the daily life of these animals confined to cages for the whole of their two and a half years years of existence, until they are sent to slaughter. The shocking investigation by L214 shows the rabbits injured, piled on top of each other and living in a space only slightly bigger than an A5 piece of paper. They are reared in tiny cages with a wire grid floor which often leads to them being injured. Some die before reaching the age of two and a half years, when they are usually sent to slaughter. In order to decrease the number of deaths and make the rabbit farms economically viable, these animals are given high doses of antibiotics, vaccines and anti-parasite drugs, rather than having their breeding conditions improved. 

In France almost all farmed rabbits are kept in cages. Although the French are gradually reducing the consumption of rabbit meat, at least 30 million rabbits were killed in 2017 to end up on their dinner plates. The investigation by L214 brings new evidence that it’s high time for the European Union to put an end to the use of cages for all animals – including rabbits. Thanks to the European Citizens Initiative #EndTheCageAge, all EU citizens have can make history and sign a petition to stop cage farming. Join the 1.4 million people who have already called to #EndTheCageAge by signing here

Read L214’s press release (in French)

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