INVESTIGATION: Sheep Brutally Killed in UK Slaughterhouse


INVESTIGATION: Sheep Brutally Killed in UK Slaughterhouse

4 November 2019
Animal Equality
Today, Animal Equality UK released a new investigation filmed inside a sheep slaughterhouse.

The disturbing recordings, filmed during July and August 2019 at Farmers Fresh Wales slaughterhouse in Wrexham, North Wales, detail unimaginable cruelty and immense suffering. Farmers Fresh Wales supplies customers in London and across the Midlands, as well as continental Europe.

The horrifying footage, filmed by one of our undercover investigators, reveals sheep and lambs brutally killed in front of each other and the use of inadequate machinery, which results in animals becoming painfully trapped. Much of this suffering took place with a Food Standards Agency inspector present. The investigators also found:

  • Sheep being decapitated while hanging in mid-air, their severed heads discarded in full view of animals awaiting slaughter;
  • Sheep suspended upside down from a conveyor belt being killed in view of other animals;
  • Bloody corpses piled on the backs of live sheep on a conveyor, who are left to struggle under the immense weight;
  • Tiny lambs and emaciated sheep falling through a gap in the machinery;
  • Sheep whose heads are wedged in the equipment and whose limbs become entangled with other sheep;
  • Workers using brute force to try and pull trapped sheep out of the conveyor belt, causing pain and distress;
  • Stunning with a captive bolt gun, attempted with non-optimal positioning, increasing the risk of ineffective stunning.

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