Interview: Mosa Meat's Prof. Mark Post on food grown from cells


Interview: Mosa Meat's Prof. Mark Post on food grown from cells

22 March 2019
The Dutch food technology company Mosa Meat created the world’s first hamburger without slaughtering an animal.

By using cell-culture technologies, the company grows cow cells to produce real meat that is not only better for animals and the environment but also delicious and able to meet the world’s growing hunger for meat. In this interview, Chief Scientific Officer, Prof. Mark Post, addresses some of the controversies surrounding this new approach to food and gives us an idea of what to expect.

Prof. Post, you will be one of the keynote speakers at the New Food Conference. Why do you support the concept of the conference and what can the audience expect from your talk at the event?

So far, there has been no relevant conference on customer acceptance of plant-based and cultured protein in Europe. Yet the time is ripe – companies and startups all around the world are pushing the development forward and it’s time to invite a broader audience along for the journey. With the main focus on consumer acceptance, the New Food Conference will contribute to shaping the European landscape as well as raising positive media attention and public awareness around the issue. By bringing together international stakeholders from the food industry, along with startups, investors, and scientists, as well as the media and politicians, the conference creates a platform for networking, exchange, and critical discussions – all essential elements for the successful promotion of a business. In my talk, I will focus on the latest scientific developments in the clean-meat sector as well as the challenges we need to address.