How to choose your cruelty-free cosmetics?


How to choose your cruelty-free cosmetics?

20 April 2020
As more and more cosmetic products claim to animal-friendly, Doctors Against Animal Experimentation advise how to choose products free from animal suffering.

Since 2013 cosmetic raw materials and products may no longer be tested on animals and not imported into the EU, according to the EU regulation. However, this affects the substances used exclusively for cosmetics - only about 10% of the total ingredients.

Nevertheless, the number of 'cruelty-free' cosmetic products on offer keeps on growing. 'Vegan', '98% raw plant origin', 'free from animal testing', 'natural'... how to make the best choice? 

Search for reliable labels

Since you cannot necessarily rely on voluntary self-disclosure without an independent test by a manufacturer, Doctors Against Animal Experimentation recommend to look for labels.

Even though many companies "invent" their own symbols that look like labels and print them on the packaging this process is not controlled! Labels are often designed to give the consumer the false impression of security. For that reason DAAE conducted the analysis of most common labels on the German market. 

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DAAE recommends cosmetics with the highest demands on freedom from animal experiments, or in this case: the greener the better

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