Have your say on EU guidelines for the sustainable development of aquaculture


Have your say on EU guidelines for the sustainable development of aquaculture

31 August 2020
The Strategic Guidelines for the Sustainable Development of EU Aquaculture (SAGs), adopted in 2013, have set common priorities and targets for the development of aquaculture activities in the EU until the end of 2020. These guidelines are currently being renewed at EU-level by the European Commission and will cover the period of 2021-2030.

The review of the guidelines is focussed on aligning it with the Farm to Fork StrategyAs part of the review, the Commission has launched a public consultation, seeking input from citizens and organisations in order to soundcheck their ideas for the updated version of the SAGs before they are being published. The Commission is already working on updating the SAGs. This means that the consultation is meant to help confirm and adjust the content, purpose and scope of the new SAGs. 

This consultation is open from now until  27 October 2020 (midnight Brussels time). 

Help us and speak up for fish welfare! 

Please have a look at our how-to guide to participate in the consultation. Draw on all of your (organisation’s) experience from real world examples of where more is needed for aquaculture. 

By the end of the year, the Commission will finalise the guidelines. Once finished, these guidelines will then be used as guidance for the EU Member States to develop their aquaculture sector, and for defining priorities in the EU’s subsidy system, sectoral support activities, and research funding programmes.

For questions, please contact Doug Waley and Jana Villwock.