Have you met Green REV Institute?

Have you met Green REV Institute?

24 September 2021
Green REV
The “Have you met” is a monthly interview to raise awareness for our Member Organisations, their work, main battles and achievements for animals.

This month we have the pleasure to interview Anna Spurek, COO of the Green REV Institute.

Tell us a bit about the Green REV Institute and its main battles.

Green REV’s main battle is to create a world that values and respects nonhuman animals’ rights, human’s rights and cares for the climate. We know that animal agriculture is destroying not only the lives of nonhuman animals but is also lowering the quality of our lives. There’s a better way of producing food, we need to fix the broken food system, and implement one that doesn't involve all those harmful aspects. 

To make that happen we need a clampdown on politics. Governments and the European Commission should protect the citizens and act on green, ethical changes. Holding unethical businesses accountable for the damage they cause and creating a space for the responsible ones - those who care for the animals - could be the first big step in making our dreams come true. 

We believe in the power of green advocacy that supports animal rights and in the importance of civic society, the strength of partnership, collaboration and alliances.

In which countries is the Green REV Institute present?

Green REV Institute was founded in Poland. However, we advocate at European level, targeting decision makers that could shape legislation and rules in all EU states as well as animal rights policy in third countries through international agreements.

We are aware of the importance of decisions made by the European Commission, and the fact that those resolutions may directly influence the international arena. That is why we are involved in many projects and work with multinational organisations to shape animal rights worldwide.

What about you? Tell us a bit more about you and about the Green REV dream team. 

As COO of Green REV I am responsible for all aspects of the organisation's operations from daily contact with people working with REV, mainly young female activists, but also experts from the REV Expert Council, social and business partners. Together with Ewelina, we decide what research would strengthen a given advocacy project. 

I'm answering the interview questions with Maja, who is active in both the New Chinese Deal and Mercosur advocacy project. She is also a strong supporter of Green REV’s communications, while also being an activist for the New Wave of Activism in Poland. 

I haven't yet mentioned Paulina J. and Paulina W, both of whom fight with the national CAP. There is also Paulina Ż, who supports Green REV not only legally but also communicatively. 

Piotr is responsible for the project “Map of the True Cost of Meat’’. 

Marcos takes care of our IT and update us on international campaigns. 

Karol, Natalia and Karolina are in the legal team. They work together with Klaudia, who in addition to being one of our lawyers, also has an emergency manager position. 

Asia supports our projects, connecting the dots between women's rights and the climate crisis in rural areas. 

Iwona works in campaigns and social medias influence. 

There’s also Myka who is a senior creative director and supports Green REV on many grounds. 

Last but not least, let me introduce Green REV’s strategist, Dr. Marcin Anaszewicz, who is responsible for developping outside-the-box strategies and activities. His job focuses on making sure that our actions put nonhuman animals in the center and that we are as effective as possible.

Part of Green REV Institute Team
Part of the Green REV Institute Team

Green REV works because of these people: their motivation, passion and because they believe that systemic change is possible. For nonhuman animals, for a better future, and for a climate that clearly can't take much more!

When did Green REV Institute join Eurogroup for Animals and why?

We joined Eurogroup for Animals in 2021. From the beginning EfA was one of our most important partners in the European advocacy. Partnership and cooperation are crucials - we know that alone we cannot stand up to the force of climate populism and protect the rights of animals. 

Eurogroup for Animals is more than a partner. It is a community of values, an umbrella connecting many dots on the map of animal suffering

Most importantly Eurogroup for Animals is made up of legends in the fight for animal rights like the President, Philip Lymbery, who is a mentor, role model of diplomacy and who always fights for the weakest. The CEO, Reineke Hameleers, who always has nonhuman animals' welfare in her focus. Or Ellen Greve, who can turn a hopeless case into a golden opportunity.

The action plans prepared by Eurogroup for Animals are extremely useful and show where we can be effective, where revolution is needed and where evolution will be the best solution.

The roadmap for nonhuman animals, especially farmed animals, set out by Eurogroup for Animals and coordinated by professionals is extremely valuable and it’s a great inspiration in our actions.

What are Green REV Institute's main achievements this year?

  • FOOD POLICY: Definitely #StopAm171. This is just the beginning, because as part of the “From Meat 2 Plant” (FM2P) advocacy project, we want to completely remove censorship for plant-based dairy products. FM2P is also connected to #StopEUMeatAds action. In Poland we managed to engage grassroot movements, activists, scientists and media to show that huge amounts of taxes in the EU are unfortunately billions of dollars of support for Big Meat and Big Dairy. #StopEUMeatAds is ongoing and we are also starting to take actions related to the food system in public institutions. In addition to this, the information we gained from our conversations with the European Commission will be used to develop a white paper of EC support for the animal industry.

  • TRADE: We have been involved in efforts to shape EU international agreements and both the New Chinese Deal and Mercosur have proven to be important projects in supporting efforts focused on strengthening animal rights in the EU.

  • FISH WELFARE: We joined the Aquatic Animal Alliance and the Working Group on Fish Welfare. Poland has just received over €500 million from the Maritime and Fisheries Fund and it's time for a change in the fish rights. Karolina Kuszlewicz, member of REV’s Expert Council after a 10 years battle won the case for carp in Poland!

  • FARMED ANIMALS: The #EUforAnimals campaign is ongoing and involving more and more people, institutions and partners. We have 18 Members of the European Parliament from Poland on board, over 7,000 signatures and a lot of national and local policy makers, influencers and activists support us. Similarly, we’re participating in the #NoAnimalLeftBehind campaign. Posters all over the country are making people think about what role the EU should have in the debate about animal rights.

  • POLITICAL ADVOCACY: We have been and are very active at national level by participating in public hearings and 2021-2027 consultations. We also have had a major input into shaping the 2021-2027 strategic documents in Poland.

How can the public act for Green REV Institute?

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