Have you met Code Animal?


Have you met Code Animal?

24 May 2023
Code Animal
Every month, we interview one of our member organisations about their work, main battles and achievements for animals. This month, we are pleased to interview Alexandra Morette, President of Code Animal in France.
Tell us about your organisation?

Code Animal works to challenge the captivity of wild animals used in entertainment. We campaign for wild animals in zoos, circuses and animals used by private owners as exotic pets. Our main aim is to change the law in France and to inform the public through conferences, our social media, etc.

In which countries do you work?

Code Animal is only active in France.

Tell us more about you and your role?

I have been the president of Code Animal for 4 years now. 

I have always had a particular sympathy and empathy for animals. The environmental crises have made me aware of the extent of the damage and the disappearance of species due to our activities.

For the past 6 years, I have been fighting at my own level against the injustices we inflict on animals. I could no longer remain passive and silent in the face of all this and I decided to create citizen collectives and, in 2019, to take over the presidency of the association Code Animal, founded in 2001 by Franck Schrafstetter.

My path has been built by chance encounters in life, inspiring people from the animal protection movement have crossed my path and have allowed me to sharpen my weapons and have helped me directly or indirectly to draw my vision and my actions to fight against the captivity of wild animals in entertainment.

When and why did you join Eurogroup for Animals?

Code Animal joined Eurogroup for Animals 4 years ago because our struggles are not only French but also global. The problems are the same (more or less) in all countries because wild animals suffer in captivity and trafficking is also international. 

Eurogroup for Animals, through its actions within the European Union, can bring these issues to the attention of European politicians and try to move them forward. We also have the opportunity to exchange with other organisations across Europe on these issues. We can share and learn from the campaigns of others in their countries. We also find it interesting to be able to share information about what is happening in the Brussels bubble with French politicians.

What are your organisations main achievements?

We have managed to get a law passed in 2021 and we are in the process of implementing it and monitoring the animals in circuses. We will be interviewing zoos in the coming months.

How can people support you?

Code Animal is solely based on volunteers and donations. In order to keep our voice independent, we refuse subsidies. We therefore accept donations to help us build and run our campaigns. 

We also have assignments for everyone depending on how much time and energy they can spare! Please contact us to find out more at info@code-animal.com

Words to live by?

Our words are respect and freedom for all living beings!