Good Chicken Award to Norwegian retailer Rema 1000


Good Chicken Award to Norwegian retailer Rema 1000

29 June 2020
Dyrevenalliansen is proud to announce that Norwegian retailer and long time-collaborator Rema 1000 - retaining approximately one third of the chicken sold in the Norwegian grocery market and is one out of three major Norwegian supermarket companies - has been awarded the Good Chicken Award by Compassion in World Farming

In 2018, Rema 1000 switched from the intensive chicken breed Ross 308 to the far less intensive breed Hubbard JA 787 in close co-operation with Dyrevernalliansen's veterinarian. At the same time, they introduced environmental enrichment and tested various animal welfare improvements with the help of the organisation's scientific staff.

Rema 1000 has continued fruitful discussions with us and are now in the process of making further animal welfare improvements, including reduced stocking density and improved lighting conditions. The density is down to 30 kilos per m2 and the company is working to improve artificial lighting in order to mimic natural light which is beneficial to the chickens. 

We are thrilled to see that our long term collaboration with Rema 1000 has resulted in a massive commitment to chicken welfare, and well deserved recognition through the Good Chicken Award. We hope that this success story can serve as an example to other supermarket chains in Norway and elsewhere in the world

Anton Kraag, Dyrevernalliansen CEO

Dyrevenalliansen will continue its cooperation with Rema 1000 as well as campaign to end the use of the intensive chicken breed Ross 308 in other Norwegian supermarket chains.

Rema 1000 was the first supermarket chain in Norway to stop the use of battery hens. A few years later another major supermarket chain followed suit. Today, just a minor percentage of Norwegian shell eggs come from battery hens.

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