Free roaming cats in Sweden should from now on be neutered


Free roaming cats in Sweden should from now on be neutered

2 June 2020
Djurens Rätt
Djurens Rätt welcomes the decision of the Swedish Board of Agriculture to adjust the existing animal welfare law regarding pets. From June 15 cat owners will be obliged to ensure their cats do not reproduce unplanned.

Cats that move freely outdoors should be neutered, sterilized or in other ways prevented from reproducing uncontrollably.

Two years ago Djurens Rätt collected and submitted 40 867 signatures to Swedish Environment and Agriculture Committee in support of, among other things, mandatory neutering of free-roaming cats .

The goal of the new law is to improve animal welfare of dogs and cats, adapt the existing rules to expert recommendations, clarify the needs of pets, pet owner's responsibilities and requirements for their competence.

It is very positive that the new regulation says reproduction of cats outdoors must be limited, this is something we have worked for a long time and it is crucial in the work of reducing the huge suffering associated with stray cats. Now we are awaiting the Swedish government to decide on obligatory ID marking and registration of cats.

Linda Björklund, ethologist at Djurens Rätt.
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