France’s Thiriet group commits to animal welfare


France’s Thiriet group commits to animal welfare

11 May 2019
The Vosges group, based in Éloyes, has announced its commitment to source from chicken farms and slaughterhouses meeting the European chicken commitment.

A list of criteria, launched by around thirty associations, including L214, guaranteeing better conditions for raising chickens.

The spearhead of the Thiriet Vosges group is to "offer quality products accessible to all". The brand translates this commitment through choices such as the rejection of GMOs, hydrogenated fats, artificial colors or even flavor enhancers and nanoparticles. Today, Thiriet announces that by 2026, all supplies of products containing more than 30% chicken meat will come from farms more respectful of animal welfare. For this, the brand has chosen to source from chicken farms and slaughterhouses that meet the criteria of the European chicken commitment. "At least 20% of these supply volumes will come from farms that guarantee animals access to the outdoors or to a winter garden." In 2017, the group had already chosen to no longer use eggs from caged hens in their recipes by 2025.

Developed by around thirty European associations including L214, European chicken commitment is a declaration committing food companies to the origin of their chickens. The document presents a list of criteria such as the reduction of breeding densities, the use of natural light, the exclusion of the use of hanging live chickens during slaughter.