Food industry should drive meat reduction revolution


Food industry should drive meat reduction revolution

14 April 2020
Four Paws
Four Paws has launched 'The Atlas Challenge' asking food industry to become progressive planet-savvy pioneers by reducing the offer of meat and increase plant-based and food innovative products.

With billions of animals being farmed globally in terrible keeping conditions, contributing to the climate crisis, deforestation and the environmental degradation, Four Paws calls the key players in the industry to step up and put sustainable food strategies on their agenda. 

For companies to have a meaningful impact, Four Paws suggests taking the following actions:

  • diversify the product range, 
  • implement marketing strategies that encourage increased consumption of plant-based and innovative foods, 
  • set the long-term strategies 
  • and set concrete commitments towards reducing meat as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility

Since the Covid-19 crisis turned our focus on the food delivery companies, Four Paws conducted the Atlas Challenge ranking depicting the level of effort and performance of the major food delivery services worldwide comparing their sustainable and innovative food strategies. 

Sign this petition and urge food companies to take action!

The post 'Food industry should drive meat reduction revolution' is modified from an article published by Four Paws in their original language.