The 'Fish-side story' calls for lower fish consumption


The 'Fish-side story' calls for lower fish consumption

24 February 2020
Prijatelji životinja
Short animated movies remind that the future of fish rests in consumers' hands.

Animal Friends Croatia launched a series of short animated movies to raise awareness about the rapidly shrinking fish population in the Adriatic Sea. Named 'The fish-side story' three short movies were created in cooperation with Eurogroup for Animals as a part of AF Croatia's ongoing campaign 'Protect our sea'.

Since there is a real chance of the fish population in the Adriatic Sea disappearing by 2050, citizens are urged to replace fish with the variety of plant-based options, whenever possible.

We hope the animated movies will remind everyone about our Sea's rich population as well as detrimental consequences it might be facing in 30 years if we don't change our habits.

Animal Friends Croatia