First World Kangaroo Day


First World Kangaroo Day

20 October 2020
One of Australia’s most recognisable and renowned icons in the world, the kangaroo, will get its own international day of celebration this Saturday 24 October, with the first ever World Kangaroo Day.

Despite the kangaroo being such an integral part of Australian culture they are also victims of the largest terrestrial wildlife slaughter in the world. 

The world watched in horror this summer as our beautiful country burnt, with an outpouring of love for all our precious wildlife, including the kangaroo. The devastation was on a scale never seen by this generation. The kangaroo is a native species, it belongs to our land. How can we continue to allow the commercial hunting of the kangaroo, with the true impact of this catastrophe still unknown? 

Jason ‘Dizzy’ Gillespie
Legendary cricketer and animal advocate Jason ‘Dizzy’ Gillespie will join Kangaroos Alive, a not-for-profit dedicated to the ethical treatment of kangaroos and the Animal Justice Party, rallying support from around the world for a moratorium on the commercial killing of kangaroos – which continues to operate despite the unknown impact to kangaroo populations in the wake of the Black Summer bushfires, regarded as one of the worst wildlife disasters in modern history.

Australians can sign the petition for amoratorium on the commercial killing of kangaroos at