Fake tax on pets: Walloon Minister of Animal Welfare furious


Fake tax on pets: Walloon Minister of Animal Welfare furious

19 February 2019
This is news that keeps coming up in the news, without us always understanding by what mechanism: "the Minister of Animal Welfare Carlo Di Antonio would seriously think about setting up a tax on pets. 

It would amount to € 24 per dog (a hell of a budget!) And € 5 per cat. A "project" denounced by some animal welfare associations, which criticize the idea of ​​charging people for whom the pet is sometimes essential for sustenance and morale. And who do not always have - very far from it - great financial means.

"This is fake news," said Minister Di Antonio’s office with vigor. Understand completely false and baseless information, which was however relayed in time by certain media in the south of the country. "The minister is furious that this story keeps coming back when it has already been officially denied in the past." And in the cabinet, we wonder about the identity and the objectives of the people who are constantly raising this false rumor.

Where do these amounts of 24 euros per dog and 5 per cat come from? "They do not affect the owners of dogs and cats and they do not hit shelters either," said François Dubru, spokesman for CDH Minister Carlo Di Antonio. It is a kind of royalty "which is only claimed from professional breeders. They must do so as part of the identification of cats and dogs. "This fee existed previously but it was increased, under the Walloon animal welfare code, from 5 to 24 euros per dog and from 1 to 5 euros per cat, including flea and identification, the firm said. "And, of these amounts, taken only from professional breeders, respectively 20 euros and 1 euro are sent to a fund intended to finance infrastructure for shelters. "