Facts about fur production


Facts about fur production

20 January 2014
From 21 to 23 January 2014, the European Fur Information Centre (a pro-fur trade body) will hold an exhibition at the European Parliament to promote the fur industry.

In a recent Parliament Magazine advertisement promoting this event, they have invited everyone, including the ‘nay-sayers’, to join them in their discussion of ‘animal welfare, ethics, sustainability, socioeconomics and the future of fur’.

The Fur Free Alliance (FFA) – an international coalition of respected animal protection organisations – and Eurogroup for Animals are keen to take up this invitation. Not least because in its advert the European Fur Information Centre has cynically misrepresented the fur industry’s opponents as vandals and extremists. The fur trade is keen to promote itself as an animal-friendly, ethical, environmentally sound and sustainable industry, but this is far from the truth.

The present briefing is intended to provide MEPs with an overview of the key issues and problems associated with fur production from an animal welfare perspective. (see link below)