Eurogroup drags pet breeding and sale out of the shadows as USPCA shines a light on puppy farms


Eurogroup drags pet breeding and sale out of the shadows as USPCA shines a light on puppy farms

15 April 2015
Eurogroup for Animals welcomes today’s news that MEPs, Member States and the European Commission have backed their initiative to ensure that all breeders and sellers of pets will have to register themselves from 2020 onwards.

This success coincides with the airing of a shocking exposé by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) of puppy farming, and which is based on the work of the Ulster Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (USPCA), one of our members.

A third of all puppies bought today are believed to have come from puppy farms.  The programme follows the supply chain and the profit-driven puppy farmers getting rich from this ruthless business. The programme exposes pet traffickers and uncovers breeding facilities operating on a scale the experts didn’t believe existed until now.

Commenting today, Reineke Hameleers, Eurogroup Director said: “Eurogroup and its members have seen an explosion in the illegal trading of pets over the past few years. It’s a trade based on secretive and inhumane breeding, which poses real health and welfare threats, not only to the animals involved,- and which has led to crises in cat and dog populations in many parts of the EU.

“By working with MEPs, Member States and the European Commission, Eurogroup has ensured that all pet breeders will need to register themselves, thanks to new wording in the proposed Animal Health Law. Whilst this won’t solve the problem overnight, it should bring these shadowy practices into the light, and will allow for proper regulation at national level.

“The great work undertaken by the USPCA in exposing the true, horrific nature of puppy farming should serve as a wake-up call to all who seek to become pet owners, wherever they are in Europe. We hope that our collective efforts of our network will make this practice a thing of the past in years to come.”

Stephen Philpott, Chief Executive of the USPCA paid tribute to triple BAFTA award winning BBC presenter Sam Poling by saying: “This programme is the result of years of hard work and research into this disgusting trade, the commitment and dedication shown by the BBC team to shine a light on this most secretive and covert industry is highly commendable”

The USPCA and all Members of Eurogroup advise anyone wanting to acquire a pet to seek advice from their local vet and never ever buy a puppy off an online Ad.

Philpott added “The selling of animals online is like the wild west, our research has shown that you cannot put any faith in or rely upon the documents supplied with these animals, the vast majority are forgeries and this is fraud on an industrial scale”

For more information about the puppy farming industry and its side effects please watch The Dog Factory on BBC One, today (Wednesday 15th April 2015), at 10pm CET.